80’s Horror: DeepStar Six

 Deep star six 2

Not all aliens come from outer space 


Horror fans always have that go-to  movie that we can play over and over again. We know all the lines, will even replay our favorite parts until the VHS begins to gets squiggly. There are different aspects of the film that pique our interest as well as making them special in our minds and imaginations. For  me that movie is the 1989 Sean S. Cunningham film DeepStar Six. First off for any of you who are crazily unaware, Sean Cunningham is the father of one of horror’s most iconic figures: Jason Voorhees.

Not only is this movie directed by the man who brought us Friday the 13th but has also the who’s who of 80’s underrated films including Miguel Ferrer (Robocop) and Greg Evigan (Tek War) (My Two Dads).

An undisclosed distance in the future brings us six impossible miles down to the bottom of the ocean where a naval program is being implemented by a group of scientists, naval officers and contractors. This team has already gone over their allotted time and is rushing to complete a weapons sled for nuclear missiles. When seismic readings show that the entire area is sitting on a large undocumented cavern the team attempts to collapse the cavern revealing an even larger than expected anomaly of open space deep within the earth’s crust.

The team is afterwords attacked by an unknown aggressive force and true to Cunningham’s movies the audience is treated to the point of view of the attacker until the film’s climax. The escalating events cause many  deaths and an explosion of course caused by Miguel Ferrer’s insane and paranoid character leaving a limited air supply and possibility of super critical explosion.
Deep star six 3

My favorite part is the reveal of the creature which is worth waiting for and that is when things begin to get a little bloodier and intense (warning:there is a scene where a guy explodes from decompression).

Deepstar Six appears to be just another copy of Alien (1979)  but I would say the overall spirit of the movie is more like The Abyss (1989). Actually writer Lewis Abernathy was friends with James Cameron and isn’t impossible to imagine these two discussing under water sagas involving monsters rising from the deep.

This movie has what it takes to be a contender in the B-80’s category, I would consider it schlocky but not campy but t then again what in the 80’s wasn’t schlockey? The creature is believable  and in my opinion much better than the cheesy effects seen in other popular 80’s Scifi/Horror. If you are a fan of Cunningham and like the underwater horror category  do yourself a favor find DeepStar Six it on Amazon or itunes.  Enjoy a classic and fun movie that will have you reminded of how good movies were before CG engorged explosion fests.


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  1. I forgot all about this flick. Saw it years ago but I must definitely view it again. It almost sounds reminiscent of Leviathan. Another one of those 80’s VHS classics.

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  2. Hank Metlis says:

    Yes it was like Leviathan…loved those under water horror in the 80’s

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  3. Only a matter of time before they do the revival of USOs. Aliens taking over the earth through under sea bases. Battleship is probably due for a remake. 😐

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