The Revenant: Tom Hardy Out Villains Himself

The Revenant won three Golden Globes the other night, even though many people don’t care about the Golden Globes and apparently as seen by some of the stars there neither do they. Despite that it still is critically acclaimed and has made its mark in theaters, even staying competitive with Star Wars it’s opening day.
That being said I saw the movie in limited release 2 weeks ago in NYC, I went into the movie expecting a different type of genre, you may disagree but I feel that the trailer advertised it as an action/adventure picture. The two hours and twenty minutes for me seemed to drag on and the scenes I did enjoy were eclipsed by what appeared to me as cinematographic drawl.
So to start off I already was not impressed, but when discussing the movie with a friend who works in the movie industry and has insider knowledge I was not aware of how how difficult many of these shots were and what it took for the crew to film the scenes that I considered “fillers.”
So I understood that the artistic merit was lost upon my first viewing and went and saw it again and garnered a little more appreciation for the film. The long cut backs and scenery shots I took in and valued the beauty along with the serene taste of the cold western front.
I was able to give credit to the film with a different understanding.
DiCaprio won best Actor at the Golden Globes and is expected to be nominated for the more coveted(as well as over due) award for Best Actor at the Academies. I am a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan and consider him one of my long time favorite actors but I do not feel he was the true star of the movie. I have always said a great movie needs a larger then life antagonist and Tom Hardy’s portrayal of backwoods trapper John Fitzgerald over shadowed DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass. By the trailers you are aware of the trials DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass goes through and the lengths by which he endures to enact his well deserved revenge on Fitzgerald. Through flashbacks and edge of life visions we get the history of Glass and what tribulations his character suffers. We understand the history he has with his regiment and the Native Americans he encounters along with a graphic detail of what occurs to his family.
But with almost no back information on John Fitzgerald except for a scar on his head and chip on his shoulder we can feel the pain and anger that fills Tom Hardy’s character through his portrayal alone. His southern hillbilly accent is absolutely believable. I truly felt his basic drive for survival as well as his hate for Native Americans that went well beyond the xenophobia of the time but rather a vendetta of his own that could never be quenched. Both men are amazing as the film’s agonist and protagonist, the survival study of the film is intense to say the least. But I feel just because DiCaprio is the good guy in the film and the one who over comes the odds does not mean that he is the best actor and character in the movie. An amazing good guy is only put there because of the larger then life villain that he is up against and we all know from his previous films that Tom Hardy can play one hell of a bad guy and he no less delivers in this. I hope to see his name as a nomination, if not against Leo for best actor then at the very least as best supporting actor category.


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  1. jsebastian says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this, great article! Do you ever share you work on other film sites?


  2. Hank Metlis says:

    No I currently don’t. I typically just write as a hobby and to take away from stress. I really appreciate your feedback and the fact that you read it. Do you have any recommendation of sites I should share on?


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