Ink: Night In Our Souls

Ink is a dark fantasy about a  battle between counter forces in our world that are in eternal struggle enticing our decisions and influencing our choices by indirect means, the dark nightmare entities Incubus utilize nightmares and fear of the unknown for their insidious purposes and the Storytellers a warrior group protecting our kind from the dark nightmare plans of the Incubus.
One night a young girl; Emma has her ethereal presence taken by a scarred soul known as Ink who is trying to use her entity to purchase his way out of infinite torment and become an Incubus.The plot then follows a group of Storytellers lead by a blind Pathfinder on there journey to indirectly guide events in our world to thwart the lost soul before he could bring Emma’s soul to the congregation of Incubus fulfilling their ultimate design.
The beginning of the film is gradual and takes time to build up the momentum but the camera work and directing depicting past and present as well as dream sequences in the interrupted timeline format makes you attentive to the story and invested in the characters as the plot unwinds their internal struggles. It would be unfair to say the sequence and cinematography by Jess Pointer is non-linear since the two powers at struggle on contrasting sides of the human race is not affected by time, so the movie appears to be out of order by standards of past in present but to the Storytellers and Incubus past in present is a matter of choices made and how it affects the ones we love.

Despite positive reviews from critics and fans alike  is very unfortunate that no studio ever picked this up for theater or home distribution but it did win Best International Feature at the Cancun Film Festival in 2009.

Many independent film houses had limited releases but the creators give credit of exposure to piracy and at one point was downloaded 400,000 on BitTorrent in a single week.
Ink is a true underrated independent piece of  fantasy art and could comparatively be seen as an indirect homage to Ridley Scott’s Legend, and like Legend with increased appreciation by fans for beauty and design in storytelling and vision I an see that Ink once reached by a larger audience will have the ability to reach cult status.


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