Exorcism Anonymous: Ava’s Possessions

Any horror fan is familiar with the demonic possession movie where a young women is taken over by a spiritual entity and her life is destroyed by the demon’s actions, leaving those as witness  victimized by the evil inside of her. The movie ends once the priest with the glass of water helps remove the devil, but what happens after?  What about little Regan after the priest exorcised the corruption out of her? How does her mother explain to her the absence in her memory and the nightmarish occurrences in her dreams?

Ava’s Possession’s tells that exact story, it is the “what next?” of exorcist movies. It starts with a brief scene of her  exorcism,  flash forward Ava (Jemima Kirke) awakes from the worst case of amnesia ever experienced, a priest in her room and a million questions that need to be answered.  Noticing her mother has an eye patch, discovering large amounts of dried blood under her carpet and the laundry list of criminal charges Ava’s problems have only begun. Her lawyer is able to bargain a deal with the DA’s office that if Ava attend’s  Spiritual Possession Anonymous classes all charges would be dropped,  she  guided by Tony (Wass Stevens) a spiritual parole officer who helps her discover what demon possessed her and counsel Ava to make amends for all the wrongs she committed.

That is not always easy when her family is keeping some of the details of her possession a secret and she owes a large amount of money to a local pimp for services rendered from one of his “working girls.” How she doesn’t collapse into a drug and alcohol addiction is beyond me, but it is an interesting movie with a fresh take on the possession genre. With a cast of veteran actors including William Sadler (Demon Knight), Carol Kane (The Princess Diaries) and Lou Taylor Pucci (Spring)  Ava’s Possession’s is a welcomed addition into the horror genre and should be included in any fan’s “Much Watch” List. It is nice to see something different for once in an exorcism movie other than “The power of Christ compels you.”


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  1. jsebastian says:

    Thanks for the great read, can’t wait to see Ava for myself!

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