Eli Roth’s Party Favor: Clown

 Eli Roth is a name that attracts movie goers, his body of work proves he is a pivotal force in shaping the genre bringing horror to the new age.
Hostel reinvented  ‘body horror’, creating physical terror that will leave the audience ill at ease  similar to what  Clive Barker created with his legendary  Hellraiser.  It is without a question that  Hostel  has become a film staple, topping many lists and leading Roth on the path to icon status with the likes of Craven and Carpenter.
I will say however that I am not the biggest fan, I understand the appeal and will not deny his presence but some of his films are not my favorites. I  especially disliked The Green Inferno. Because of this when I first saw the promotion for Clown I was hesitant based solely on my  disappointed of The Green Inferno, I am so glad I went against my own judgement.
Clown is an amazing tribute to creature films, full of  realistic practical effects this film brings forth a monster vile and evil that could easily pale ‘The Creeper’ by comparison.
The film is about a man who puts on an antique clown outfit for his son’s birthday party, to find that the suit becomes physically impossible to remove and starts to mend  to his body.  After research into the previous owner he  comes into contact with  Peter Stormare ( Fargo, Constantine…..almost everything) who informs him that the suit is actually skin from an ancient Nordic demon called a ‘Coyne.’
He gradually  transforms into the monster with similar effects like style to Cronenberg’s The Fly, succumbing to internal desire to feast on the flesh of young children. There is a particularly intense and re-watchable scene at a Chuck-E-Cheese with an homage to Jaws in a ball pit and an Alien like hunt through the colorful crawling tubes.
Director Jon Watts (who will be directing the Marvel Cinematic Universes’ Spider-man: Homecoming 2017) crafts an amazing story that does not drag and moves fast, grasping the audiences attention immediately. There is no waiting half of the movie to begin seeing transformation and if you can get over the reason ‘Why’ he puts on the suit everything fits cohesively together.
Clown is  a wonderful re-introduction to the creature film and if Jon Watts along with Eli Roth decided to make a sequel or even better a prequel I will definitely be at the theaters with my card out saying “Take my money”.
There is a reason Eli Roth has become a major player in the horror realm and with productions like this he has gained by fandom once again and I will eagerly look for the newest creation he brings to the screen bringing fear deep into the marrow of our bones.

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