Horror Critics Should Be Horror Fans

As loyal horror fans we are accustomed to critics crapping on our beloved genre, looking at a Rotten Tomatoes Score or Metacritic review is not a good indicator if a newly released movie is watchable or even has re-watchable qualities.

  Why do we stand for this type of ill treatment? Just look at Netflix’s star rating system, it’s amazing if a movie has 2 stars, I know for one I would give  The Prophecy  more then 2 1/2 stars and the film deserves a lot more respect than that.

 Obviously these critics are the pretentious type who can not appreciate what avid watchers of a gory series look for, nitpickers who runs to the theaters every time Spielberg puts out a 3 hour war movie can not possibly understand the appeal of a 13th Jason film.

Horror fans have the undeniable ability to suspend our reality or immerse ourselves in the impossible so we could get a view of the newest monster in the woods or killer ringing our bell. When it comes down to it isn’t that what movies are for, the suspension of reality and the possibility of the impossible? It doesn’t matter that the last Saw movie killed off Jigsaw and some how wrote him back into existence, or that the dreamworld was cut off yet Freddie some how managed to escape his eternal prison. That is the basic fun of it all and THAT is what critics miss when they try to pick apart what they don’t like, because as horror fans we aren’t looking for what we don’t like, we are looking for what we do like and the possibility to see something new.

 So who chooses these non-fans consideration to review and tear apart a movie category that isn’t even represented at the Oscars? Who says their opinion matters except for the editors who give them permission to crap all over a possible future cult classic?

This is a call to my fellow horror aficionados, we have hated upon each other’s movies enough and I feel it is time we all begin to appreciate that even though every horror movie is made differently it still has it’s own appeal and importance to the group as a whole.

I think it is about time the critics give the respect to horror that it deserves considering the inspiration it has created and the changes it has brought to the film industry.

 Honestly if a critic from a popular movie site can not appreciate all the Friday the 13th‘s or even know the ever changing history of Michael Myers then your opinion is moot and you should just keep your unfounded opinion and criticism to yourself.


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