James Wan: Horror Icon

Any horror fan could say that the Saw franchise without a doubt has impacted the genre in a major way. Either you enjoy all the films or think the series should have ended with the first there is no question that the original Saw (2004) is a ground breaking and epic horror film.
We have James Wan to thank for that and thankfully the man has not shown any sign of slowing down his impressive resume in Horror.
This was going to start off as review for The Conjuring 2 but the Box Office numbers as well as fan and critic’s responses alike prove the film is a success and a praising article would be redundant.
Anyway there are plenty of Pro’s and Con’s with the movie, but picking apart it’s minimum down falls would do a great disservice to this wonderful and well told story with awesome practical effects.
The first The Conjuring was a fantastic piece of horror that (you may say is blasphemous) but brings back the utter essence and fear that was displayed in The Exorcist. Simple in premise with limited need for effects, little blood, no deaths and a heart pounding opening, it is a glaring truth this movie is a milestone that has earned it’s praise over again.
Insidious turned the haunted house category upside down, breaking all the rules he acknowledged every aspect horror skeptics say is wrong in the actions of characters. Something up the stairs? Don’t go up there; House is haunted? Ok…move out?
The characters were faced with ever increasing problems they attempted at best to solve and soon discovered to no avail their son was haunted by a monstrous and now infamous LipStick-Face Demon.
Mr. Pumpkinclaws feels this is the best horror movie to come out in a long time and is my all time favorite, also the film did not end on a positive note which is essential in a true Horror film.
His continuous inclusion of Patrick Wilson in many of his movies adds a credence to his characters, since Wilson may be one of the finest underrated actors there is there today (he definitely puts Mark Wahlberg’s acting skills to shame).
Dead Silent is a cult-classic resurrecting the ventriloquist antagonist with a strong homage to the 1978 Richard Attenborough psychological thriller Magic (if you have not seen either of these you are doing yourself a great disservice).
James has also brought to the screen what many consider the best Fast and Furious movie: Furious 7,  with his first DC Universe film Aquaman stated to come out in 2018 he will be brought forefront to a whole new group of fans of a different genre.
His ability to sculpt strong stories with amazing characters put him as a Directing juggernaut next to the likes of Christopher Nolan and J.J. Abrams.
A James Wan horror project is a definite hit, and either you enjoy the genre (and if you are reading my blog why wouldn’t you) or like his action packed epics, his films are a sure thing to entertain and leave you excited to see what creature or ghost he will bring to life next.

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