Japanese Horror Wants Their Movie Back

In 2013 David Sandberg created a short for the Who’s There Film Challenge it depicts a women turning the lights off in the hallway of her apartment to reveal a creature that is stalking her through the dark.The full length feature film Lights Out it’s based on produced by James Wann held such promise, it seemed this film would add another production master piece to his already impressive horror catalog. What we got was a formulaic rehash of unoriginal jump scenes, a creature redundantly reminiscent of the Japanese horror genre and a young male actor who felt out of place in the fear stricken environment the director was attempting to create. The only thing that saves this film somewhat is the unexpected and borderline shocking ending that has you leaving the theater unsure if you enjoyed the movie or not. Maybe it’s the inexperience of Sandberg and future films will allow him to sharpen his craft into finely tuned instruments of fear that we witnessed in the 2013 short (even though his next project is Annabelle 2 and the hope for that is slim to none) but the full length adaptation is the equivalent of a fast food entree with a 5 star desert.

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