Marvel v. DC

This is not a review of Suicide Squad, I felt the movie had it’s merits but in most films especially comic book based  the villain needs to be grander in scope than the hero in order for the protagonist to overcome and rise above in the eyes of the audience.

Enchantress to me was a cartoon almost childish antagonist bringing down the serious aspect of the other “bad-guys” constructed to battle her down to a childish level. I was just waiting for Ghostbusters to come out with proton packs and capture her at least that would have made more sense than crushing her dried leaf heart in a gloved hand.

Recent outrage by DC Comic fans has called for the shut down of Rotton Tomatoes over unfavorable ratings, some internet conspiracy theorists have even speculated that Disney and Marvel have payed off multiple review sites to give DC movies bad reviews comparative to Marvel.
Are these accusations based on facts or purely salty fans tired of reviewers nit picking at their long awaited movies?
As a horror fan I will tell you I am no stranger to critics tearing apart some of my favorite films, but that is to expect when a 13th Jason film is to be released or god knows how  many Chuckies. Luckily even with the absence of beloved Wes Craven we have the likes of James Wan, Blumhouse films and Lions Gate to fill in the void of new and fresh horror.
Unfortunate for DC fans I do not feel it is bias opinions from online critics, in my opinion specifically the main problem is studio interference. When Disney lays out their plans for a movie they give their Directors and Script writers a lot of freedom and tell them what the scope of the larger idea is and do not micromanage the creative process. Usually the end result is a well formed and smooth comic movie that fits into the larger puzzle they are building.
When Twentieth Century Fox told Ryan Reynolds they needed to bring the rating for Deadpool down form an R to a PG-13 in order to appeal to a wider audience  he told them straight out NO, so in response the studio cut their budget by $7 Million. This did not stop them from putting out a good movie, they just adjusted the script and action scenes according to budgetary cuts and left Fox speechless discovering that even with an R rating the appeal for the movie will drive the profits way above expectations.
 Because lets be honest all that really matters to the studios is profits, but sometimes they are so concerned with putting out a money maker they do not look beyond the formula they are comfortable with and fail to understand that those who go to comic book movies are not dumb and are able to see beyond shlocky action scenes and lazy script writing.
Look at both of the DC Universe movies that have been released, Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad both were riddled with re-shoots meaning that the producers released a film to the studios that the studios found unsatisfactory and forced the film makers to go back and change what they felt was already finished.
Re-shoots are not a good sign and mean that the finished product needed to be fixed either for continuity flaws or because the studio felt that it was missing something and that automatically says to fans they are about to get an altered version of what was meant to be released.
In my opinion this is not a Marvel vs. DC battle between the critics i.e. who is favored, this is a battle between how the studios Warner Bros. and Disney manage their production crews. By either allowing creative licence to be unabridged and put out a good movie the fans desire or a studio approved GMO with no nutritional value and tons of saturated fat.

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