Goodbye AHS, Hello The Exorcist

The Exorcist is the long awaited show that horror fans deserve- now you may say “What about The Walking Dead or American Horror story?” but let us be honest The Walking Dead is more survival drama with closer ties to the likes of Lost than to the genre of horror and American Horror Story… I will get into that later.

The Exorcist does not start off slow and brings us immediately into the world of exorcist priests battling for the souls of possessed individuals against the force of demonic possession. There are plenty of cinematographic shots that establish perfect service to the 1973 William Friedkin version as well as keeping the tone and dark entity that made the William Peter Blatty novel the frightening splendor that kept many readers (including myself) from sleeping at night.

Now I know many American Horror Story purists will consider this blatant slandering of their beloved show but honestly if you are truthful with yourself it has lacked depth for sometime now. Amazing actors and a lot of gore can not make up for poor story telling and slow pace.

The Exorcist has everything a horror fan desires in a television show: plenty of gore to keep you entertained but not enough to drive away the easily disgusted, story telling that has you second guess the direction it is going (anyone that watched the last episode Friday October 21 will know exactly what I mean) and an increasing interest and care for the characters while they endure the horrible things they are going through.

My favorite concept is the first hand experience of temptation and seduction from a hellish force by one of the characters. In movies we see how  family and loved ones handle the possessed, interacting with the demonic entity but we hardly get to see how that person inside is dealing with this presence holding them hostage in their own body. The Exorcist gives parallel versions of the demon at play inside the individual and out. Watching the evil lure the character into a false sense of security then mentally torturing them as the helpless family looks upon with a volunerability that even the non-religious could empathize with. It truly is an interesting idea that delivers perfectly,  you may find yourself openly encouraging them to be strong and fight against the sinister force. 

I implore my fellow horror fanatics to tune to Fox and watch just one episode of The Exorcist, you will be plenty surprised at the quality on cable no less and maybe you will consider substituting an old dire favorite for something fresh and more clever.

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