Like A Rat In A Cage 47 Meters Down

Shark movies keep getting better and better despite SyFy Channel’s best efforts. 47 Meters Down was originally titled In The Deep which was also the original title for the Blake Lively film The Shallows released this summer. 47 Meters Down was originally scheduled to be released early Summer 2016 to pull in from the draw from it’s brethren shark movie but was canceled and stated for a DVD/Streaming release in August 2016, those plans were changed in late July and the film has been redistributed for an unspecified date sometime in 2017.

If you are able to get a copy or viewing of this movie I would without a doubt watch it, now I am biased and I love shark movies (Not all shark movies), Jaws is one of my favorites and The Shallows I have watched many times over again. When done right in the spirit of the first 1975 summer blockbuster a good Great White film could be terrifying and fun and this has been done right.

47 Meters Down stars Mandy Moore (Yes, she hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth) as a girl on vacation with her sister in Mexico who decides to go on a cage diving excursion with her sister into deep blue shark infested waters. As they are plunged into the crystal abyss an accident causes the cable and crank on the boat to break dropping them stranded 134 feet at the bottom of the ocean with a group of 20 foot Great Whites menacing the waters around them. With limited oxygen and broken radio contact to the surface they struggle to survive with one of the planet’s perfect killing machines knocking on their door .

If you are reading this or like shark movies then you must be some type of horror fan and that requires suspension of belief, if capable of ignoring small inaccuracies then this will be an amazing movie despite it’s inconsequential flaws. The sharks are fantastic and it is hard for me to say but more realistic than the one in The Shallows, they use a mixture of practical effects and computer imaging (the way it should be done). The moment the beasts lurk onto scene with the girls dangling off the boat in a rusted cage you will be swearing under your breath “Holy Shit that’s huge.”

The scenery is fantastic with excellent cinematography, watching these two girls at the bottom of the ocean makes you feel more like they are on an alien world and not a mere 134 feet away from safety. Jump scares that are anything but cheesy or obvious combined with exhilarating moments of uncertainty you will be sitting on the edge with clammy palms praying for them to make it through. Even though I streamed this at home I will say when this movie is finally released and finds a home in theaters I will be seeing it multiple times because this film needs a large screen treatment to savor in every moment of terror and give cause to the fantastic monsters that lurk in it’s waters.





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