The Dark Side Of The Moon: Horror Throwback

No one can say that the 80’s early 90’s did not have some of the most creative Horror and Sci-Fi films  influencing the following decades after, but some of the best/worst films have been left in obscurity and forgotten in the dark side of the IMDB database.

The Dark Side of the Moon is a long lost combination of Sci-Fi and Horror that has been forgotten in the past and confused with a classic 70’s album. It was released in the 1990 right at the edge of the 80’s and  shadowed by favorites like Total Recall, Tremors and Child’s Play 2(which was successful in it’s own right)

Dark Side Of The Moon takes place in 2022 a maintenance space crew are on a routine “Refab” mission to perform updates on nuclear satellites orbiting earth. After mechanical problems leave them stranded with low power and limited oxygen they drift into the further side of the moon and come across a derelict obsolete spaceship from earlier NASA missions.  When boarding with the ship to see if they could contact any lost astronauts or utilize it’s supplies and oxygen to save their lives they discover a body and very peculiar conditions on board. When  they consult their own ships data computer it is discovered the derelict made an emergency landing onto earth 30 years prior into the area of the area of the Bermuda Triangle.  After horrific paranormal events and a few deaths the crew learns far too late that their ship has drifted into the path of the Bermuda Triangle that aligns with the dark side of the moon where the Devil has resided for eons pulling unsuspecting ships and any crew for torture and death.

The movie has the combined atmosphere of isolation, distrust and fear that can be borderline cliche and schlocky but with low budget quality it makes the entire film that much better. Staring   Robert Sampson (Re-Animator),Joe Turkel( The Shining, Blade Runner) and John Diel (StarGate), with familiar faces early 90’s quality and evil in space this neglected vintage  will leave you feeling like you are watching the granddaddy of Event Horizon.



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