Residue of Evil

Most of us have seen Stranger Things on Netflix, hell even non horror fans have watched it and absolutely loved it, the accolades of nominations speaks for itself. Netflix has proven to be a force against traditional television and pay stations when it comes to programming, and while the standard means have to adhere to ratings and ad revenue to base their quality and continuous of entertainment, Netflix has the luxury of being able to ignore the rules and throw whatever they like at the wall and see what sticks.

As many subscribers have seen there appears to be multi-variations of every genre for every demographic, the comic fans, action, comedy, drama along with the sci-fi and horror. With this many shows and so much to watch I sometimes wonder “Do they know we have jobs?”

I recently discovered to my astonishment a three part miniseries I was not aware of called Residue, a British sci-fi/horror with some prominently known actors that would leave many Game of Thrones fans scratching their heads thinking “How did I miss this?”

After a large explosion in an undisclosed future UK metropolis leaves a large center of the city without power the government immediately quarantined the area off telling the media and public that a chemical leave has caused a contamination killing anyone within the area.

Following the event photo-journalist Jennifer Preston (Natalie Tena from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter Series) learns one of her subjects is involved in a murder-suicide, digging deeper into details and following similar cases of suicide and homicide around around the quarantine area she attempts to convince her boyfriend by Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) that there may be a paranormal explanation than the so called chemical release. With his connections and her drive they find out that the government  cover up maybe wasn’t a blast of a chemical weapons plant  under the city. It is possible they were hiding something else, far from prying eyes, whatever paranormal force was kept has a residue that is a contaminating individuals all over the city resulting in malicious consequences.
This show is in the tradition of resident evil with a ghost government attempting to control their dirty secret combined with formulaic characters such as the beat cop with a disturbed past going too deep for his own good and pay grade, his underground informant and of course the beautiful everyday girl who happens to fall in the center of it all. Slow at times but  creates a crime noir grey tone with a David Fincher inspired atmosphere and pace, this is a great show for those who love the blurred line of horror and science fiction and looking for a show to binge that doesn’t require a commitment of 10 to 13 episodes.
I enjoyed it in three separate viewings and would give it 3 out of 5 CLAWS.



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  1. Hank- is this available in America? The premise sounds interesting and I would like to see it. Great synopsis, by the way.


  2. Hank Metlis says:

    Hi Susan, it’s available on Netflix. Thank you I appreciate that

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  3. I will have to check it out!


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