Friend Request From The Dead

In my opinion Friend Request received a raw deal from the start, being released after the sub-par horror film Unfriended which immediately left a sour taste for social media based horror not only in the fans of the genre but general audience as well. I am going to go out in defense of Friend Request and say that it is an interesting and semi-original take on modern day technology infested with an ancient force.

Now in all honesty it does start off with the standard formula popular extrovert mercy friends the bizarre introvert who quickly becomes the stalkerish obsessive, but then again in a horror movie what is not a standard formula plot? The idea is for a creative filmmaker to turn the standard and turn it into something contemporary that will stand out as original despite the formulaic undertone.

Laura is that popular girl with a pretty solid core of friends who out of pity takes a temporary interest in the bizarre artwork of one of her creepy and isolated classmates Marina. Feeling she did her good deed for the week Laura went on with her daily routine not aware that she unknowingly left herself open to a parasitic loner looking to become part of Laura’s intimate group of friends. When Laura attempts to pleasantly push this girl at an arms distance Mirina takes this as an affront and rejection from Laura who finds that the next day at school Mirina killed herself in front of a live feed on her computer simultaneously uploading it to the school’s website. This is only the beginning for the ballad of Laura and Marina. Each of Laura’s friends find they have added Marina to their friend’s list and then one by one begin to die in strange and indescribable suicides with a video of said incident uploaded to Laura’s facebook page.

Anger begins to arise at campus, people start to distance themselves and the police asking questions leading to anger, hate, jealousy and loneliness-feelings that are no stranger to the social media web.

Laura becomes determined to discover who Marina was and where the undisclosed location of her suicide was broadcasted, she pieces together some obscure videos from Marina’s own page to learn about where this girl without a past comes from.

Is it a mean prank from a stalker  or something sinister with a dark vendetta utilizing modern means of communication and the web to spread its evil? By the end Laura will discover that monsters can’t be unfriended.
I personally enjoyed this movie, it was fun to watch and the back history of Marina made it more enjoyable, I think that if it was the usual ghostly apparition that was causing the malevolence it would have been less interesting but the finale of Marina was to my liking and work’s for the overall picture the film is trying to capture. I give it a 3 1/2 Claws


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