Justice League Dark….Very Dark

I should first point out that I am in no way a fan of the DC Universe, I find it non comparable to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I make that apparent in a previous editorial I wrote “Marvel vs DC.” That being said the animated DC movies are far superior to the DCU as well as Marvel’s own animated features,  Justice League Dark rises above the rest. I don’t think I have enjoyed an animated comic movie since the likes of Flashpoint Paradox and the fact that Justice League Dark has an R rating puts it into a league (no pun intended) of it’s own.

When law abiding citizens start killing off strangers and family members claiming to see monsters and demons in their place the Justice League decides that the supernatural realm is out of their jurisdiction. Batman who appears to be the skeptic of the group is tapped to lead a team contrast to the orthodox group of Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern that he is familiar with.  Our caped crusader is joined by the likes of attitude driven and a properly done version of Constantine: a specialist in dark arts; Zatanna: a powerful sorceress; Jason Blood: a man who is bound to the powerful demon Etrigan; and the quirky Boston Brand also known as Deadman: a deceased trapeze artist resurrected into the spiritual world by the Hindu God “Rama Kushana.”


This divergent collection of heroes set off into the world of the dark arts and the occult to find who is behind these acts of evil cast upon the mortal world before the planet and superheroes alike are afflicted with a mass case of madness.

Immediately starting with blood and death this feature deserves the R rating, mixed in with a small dose of humor with an added special surprise from an unlikely hero who has not had an introduction in quite some time.

A voice cast racked with stars including Rosaria Dawson, Alfred Molina and Jerry O’Connel as well as directed by Jay Olivia who if you are not aware is the storyboard artist responsible for Ant Man, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, and the upcoming Justice League movie, you can’t go wrong.

Justice League Dark is an amazing and entertaining variant version of superheroes including magic and horror in the comic universe. It moves at a fun pace and will leave you smiling especially when the powerful sorcerers in the movie even fan boy over Batman, I mean who wouldn’t?  I give it 5 Claws.




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