Death Is Policy In The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment is “Lord Of The Flies” meets “Cube” in this absolute assault on human decency. The film displays various subjugations on the nature of man and if we are inherently violent with a compulsion to destroy human life in order to save our own, or if we have over years of civilization built a moral responsibility for the sanctity of life.
 Belko a government run non-for profit operating out of Columbia has a very Orwell type of security measures with a laid back style of management, but one day this seemingly perfect job turns into a real nightmare for all the employees when they are constricted to the confines of the entire building and ordered by an unseen voice to eliminate 30 of the 80 people present, if they to fail to reach this in two hours than 60 of them will be killed by an unforeseen means.
This causes quite distress with the employees forcing them to separate into various subgroups with the Alphas clamoring to secure weapons and a blood lust fueled urgency to eliminate 37% of their co-workers.
This is a total gore-fest without  unnecessary excess, with terrorizing scenes ranging from maiming with an ax to a face being bashed in by a stapler (Cue Office Space joke).

Directed by Greg McLean who brought us Rogue, Wolf Creek and a The Darkness, as well as a stacked team of pretty well known actors such as John Gallagher Junior (Hush, 10 Cloverfield Lane) Tony Goldwyn; who was a monstrous protagonist instead of his type cast sniveling villain; and I can not forget John C.McGinley who deserves an entire article based upon his portfolio of work alone.
Semi comedic nature in the overall concept but this film honestly  keeps to a serious tone with a message to demonize the awful nature we may inherently still possess within us.
Nice homage to bureaucratic horror that has come before it such as with Cabin In The Woods or The Purge, it is interesting to take a usually chaotic genre such as horror where the unexpected is norm and give that unpredictable environment a corporate  backstory.
The Belko Experiment will have you doing background checks on future employment endeavors….you may want to avoid companies engaged in performing bizarre experiments on their unsuspecting employees. I give this film 4 1/2 Claws.

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  1. After working in many call centers I would really love to see this film. You can’t go wrong with John C McGinley. I can also see where this would be satire on the kill or be killed mentality of corporate America.

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