Modern Vintage Horror: Eyes Of My Mother

When generations pass there is always a battle against the development of newer ideas, in art this is even more apparent especially in music, television and of course movies.
Horror is no stranger to this advancement, and many prefer the classics with their simplistic styles of fear and little to no blood, others like the newer gore filled cringe fests that tap into the deepest nerves of discomfort.
Despite what many say horror is not dead, there is a movie on Netflix called Eyes Of My Mother that I think is an amazing hybrid of many generations of horror. It encompasses many features that dedicated fans hold to their hearts and also facilitates many concepts fans search for in their quest for a new favorite.
First I must forewarn you that the movie is in black and white, I found this especially appealing as it brings homage to many of the classics that are considered untouchable in the Horror Hall of Fame such as Psycho.  As I am not a giant fan of gratuitous gore, this film does have it’s fair share but the black and white atmosphere allows for a lot of blood and guts without drawing away from the plot.
Since each shot is an artistic and intricately planned with a very Hitchcock quality and though some scenes have horrific portrayals I could not help to admire the beautifully detailed settings with their monstrous depictions.
The movie is in three acts and follows a young girl Francisca who witnesses her mother hacked to death by a drifter, her father returning home  and chains this man up to suffer for years in their barn. Francisca cuts out the man’s eye balls and slits his vocal cords, taking care of him for years until she is a young adult.
As the plot moves  we are given the feeling that she may either be a sociopath or a psychopath due to her lack of emotion seeing her mother brutally murdered,  lack of remorse for the horrific things she is doing to the despicable man responsible and her morbid fascination with death itself.
This definitely made me feel uncomfortable seeing a symbol of purity with the capability of committing such wretched behavior which then shifts into the second part going into an adult Francisca who over the years has kept the man alive as a type of involuntary friend. It is obvious that she does not have the capacity for empathic feelings that ordinary people hold and once her father dies her life takes an even morbid turn.
The beginning of the the third act is the opening scene with a Tobe Hooper like setting: a truck driver finds a bloody and lost women roaming the road, lost and frightened.
As I said before I got the feeling for many generations of horror given reverence such as the morbid fascination with body parts and dead bodies with adulation to Texas Chainsaw Massacre; the torture and psychological assault on an offender making the villain into victim such as in Last House On The Left; to random acts of violence against complete and utter strangers simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time like in The Strangers.
Even though this movie had aspects with great admiration to movies that have come prior to it Eyes Of My Mother holds to its own creating an artistic horror classic designed simply to unnerve and make the audience uncomfortable.
The open ended finale forces audiences to pull in their own imagination to construct what they think happened, I feel that it is a very successful modern day horror film that leaves a heavy benchmark for those that wish to follow.
I give it 5 out of 5 Claws.

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  1. I must catch this film. I have heard nothing but good things about it. Every review I have read has made it seem incredibly chilling.

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  2. Hank Metlis says:

    Yes it is very disturbing

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